We have a vast range of balustrades, designed and safety tested, which are available in a variety of stainless steel and glass finishes. Our balustrade range will compliment your design whilst ensuring safety of your office, building or home.

Our product range of balustrades offer durability, versatile, and are minimally maintenance free. Pro Steel Balustrades specialises in the following ranges:

Urban balustrades

Urban Balustrades is definitely our most sought-after range. The distinct horizontal lines ensure a contemporary look with low maintenance finish.

CLEAR balustrades

Our most sophisticated range! Frameless Glass Balustrades are clear and can enhance any building offering uninterrupted views without compromising on safety. The perfect cut and installation, and adherence to form and flow will open your home and give the illusion of more space.

PRO balustrades

This combination range is both stylish and durable. You will have the fulfillment of the glass view with our glass balustrade with is complimented with the stainless-steel frame.

CURVE balustrades

It is all in the name! Our Curve Balustrades range is compelling and immediately captivates attention with the benefit of a low maintenance finish.

TRUE balustrades

If you are looking for a secure balustrade, this range is definitely for you! This range of balustrades offer vertical lines which prevent children from being able to climb over. Not only does this offer a steady solution, but eye-catching appearance as well. Low maintenance finish.


Pro Steel Balustrades offer associated accessories to compliment your choice, as us about our gate, handrails and grab rails collection.