COVID 19 legislation determines that the working environment needs to be disinfected and sanitized at least 3 times per day, with our REVOLUTIONARY unique product you only need to apply treatment ONCE for 90 days.

AREAS of application:

Critical touch points, hotels, restaurants, hospitals & clinics, food and beverage, public areas, meat processing plants, bakeries, air-conditioning systems, offices buildings, schools, vehicles etc.

The effectiveness and safety of our surface treatment is validated by registrations from The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications in South Africa as well as the US Environmental Protection Agency.

PSB 90 Day surface treatment creates a continuously self-cleaning, invisible shield which is also food friendly and has heat resistant qualities.

The PRODUCT is a:
  • clear, ready to use spray-on coating that bonds to a surface at the molecular level,
  • leaving a protected antimicrobial coating on the surface,
  • that can last for up to 90 days.

This “self-sanitising” coating continuously controls surface damaging and odour causing bacteria, fungi, algae and mold by physically disrupting the target organism.

Our surface residual disinfecting treatment kills


of hazardous micro-organisms and viruses,

such as COVID-19  on contact

with a 90 day residual effect.

PURCHASE and APPLICATION options for the 90 day surface treatment:

As a valued customer you have two options when purchasing the 90 day treatment product:

  1. You can purchase the product and apply the product to the required surfaces yourself OR
  2. You can purchase the product and a PSB specialised team will come and apply the product for you at an additional cost

Kindly take a moment to read the brochure in the link below of our 90 Day REVOLUTIONARY surface treatment.

Our hygiene product range includes an economical and bio-friendly Enviro QAC sanitizer/disinfectant, hand sanitizers (70% alc), no-touch thermometers and face masks.